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  Plantando Consciência is a multidisciplinary non-profit organization dedicated to ecodelic literacy and research. We investigate non-ordinary states of consciousness produced by these substances, and advocate for this Gaian technology as a reliable source of healing and learning. In order to do so, our work approaches many disciplines such as neurosciences, psychiatry, psychology, biology, physics, […]



  As a non-profit, we rely on donations to help fulfill our mission of legitimizing the scientific, medical and philosophical investigation of holotropic states of consciousness. The activities of this institution and its influence on the global community can only be accomplished through the generous support of its contributors. To know more about our line of work and […]

Our mission


  The responsible exploration of ecodelics can aid the flourishing of a new paradigm by 1) facilitating the transition from materialism to an integral worldview; 2) proposing new standards for understanding health and the human psyche; and 3) realigning ourselves with the planetary organism. Once induced in the proper conditions of set and setting, these holotropic states can […]


Ecodelic is that which allow us to receive the message of the whole, or to manifest the Gaian Mind. The term refers to a category of psychoactive substances which enable us to begin a process that can be defined as the unfolding of our conception of self, a state in which we eventually perceive ourselves as part of a complex web of relationships that includes not only every one of us, but all of life, and ultimately the entire cosmos.

Ancient spiritual traditions have been telling us that in order to reach this cosmic unity one must delve into the inner world. Still, for the rational and scientific mind this proposition has always sounded difficult to legitimize, for we don’t possess tools that allow us to measure or scrutinize this content.

Ecodelics are these tools. Stanislav Grof, psychiatrist and one of the leading authorities on non-ordinary states, reminded us that it doesn’t seem inappropriate and exaggerated to compare these substances potential significance for psychiatry and psychology to that of the microscope for medicine or the telescope for astronomy1.

What are these substances? Medicines or drugs or sacramental foods? It is easier to say what they are not. They are not narcotics, nor intoxicants, nor energizers, nor anaesthetics, nor tranquilizers. They are, rather, biochemical keys which unlock experiences shatteringly new to most Westerners. – Timothy Leary, Ph.D.—Richard Alpert, Ph.D. Harvard University, January, 19622

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Our Projects

  • medicina_fotograma3

    Medicina (film)

    Throughout millennia, human kind has nurtured an animated relationship with the Earth and Cosmos, mediated by ritual. Human beings were part of the greater sentience that pervades all of existence. Cosmos and Earth have slowly been separated from us, reified to give room for progress to unfold. Now, as science and technology achieve astonishing levels […]

  • jj_cromer

    Medical Ibogaine

    This project’s goal is to elaborate a scientific study of a chemical addiction treatment that took place in Brazil recently, combining the powerful ecodelic Ibogaine (the pure synthesized substance, and not the extract, which has other molecules and can be considered “impure” and dangerous) and psychotherapy. More than a hundred patients were treated by a […]

  • andy_debernardi

    Aya & EEG

    Using the electroencephalogram (EEG) to measure electric current on the the surface of the Brain, we conducted a phytochemical, psychological, physiological and neurological evaluation of ayahuasca’s effects. Used for centuries as a traditional amazonian medicine, ayahuasca is employed by natives in sacred ritual ceremonies to heal and access the spirit world. The brew is prepared […]

  • amanda_sage

    Holotropic Breathwork

    Holotropic is a term coined by psychiatrist Stanislav Grof (from greek: holos = “wholeness”, trepein = “moving towards”) to define non-ordinary states of consciousness that have healing, transformative and evolutionary qualities. This project aims to analyze qualitatively and quantitatively the data from near 300 Holotropic Breathwork™ treatments conducted with victims of violence and stress in São Paulo, one of the […]

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